Historical Landmark Toukaido Kusatsu-juku in Shiga prefecture

One sign got my attention.
The sign says “Historical Landmark Tokaido Kusatsu-juku, This way” .

After eating lunch, I was checking local department shopping area around Kusatsu station, Shiga ken.

juku means hostel.

In old times, people walked on Tokaido   to travel from Tokyo to Osaka.
Kusatsu-juku was one of 53 hostel areas between Tokyo to Osaka.
It was also a cross point with Tokaido and Nakasendo (way  from Tokyo to Osaka) so I could imagine how the Kusatsu juku was busy the time.
There were many hotels and the main hotel (Honjin) was built in 1635 and abolished in 1870.

It also reminded me of a movie *Yaji and Kita The Midnight Pilgrims” and made me want to see it.

I walked to Kusatsu-juku area with a printed hand drawing map which was provided the Kusatsu station.

Kusatsu-shi guide map
Kusatsu city guide map by Kusatsu city tourism volunteer (TEL : 077-563-3700), I got them at Kusatsu station.

The area was a little beautiful old town but almost non-tourist on weekday.
I need to ask somebody to find Kusatsu-juku and he walked back where he came from and showed me to Kusatsu-juku.


Kusatsujuku area street
Kusatsujuku area street

When I got to the main hotel (Honjin) historical site, it looked like I was the only visitor, very quiet.

Kusatsujuku Honjin
Kusatsujuku Honjin

You will need to take off your shoes and put them in shoe rack at the entrance.
I found a hole on my sock… I’m glad no one was there.

 Kusatsujuku Honjin entrance
Kusatsujuku Honjin entrance


Sock hole @ Kusatsujuku Honjin
Oh.. Sock hole

There were so many interesting stuff showing if you like history, like records of famous historical people that stayed there like members of Shinsengumi, bathroom and restroom for high-class people.

Toilet. Tatami around it!
Toilet. Tatami around it. I guess they don’t make a mess.

After I stopped at the main hotel (Honjin) historical site, I went to the museum called Kusatsu-juku kaido kouryukan.

If you buy the ticket for the historical site and museum, they give you a custom certification for Tokaido and Nakasendo and your visit record will be kept in the museum.

You can also experience Ukiyoe and Himono costumes in the museum.

Tried Ukiyoe @ Kusatsujuku Kaido Kouryukan
Tried Ukiyoe @ Kusatsujuku Kaido Kouryukan


Tried Ukiyoe @ Kusatsujuku Kaido Kouryukan
My first ukiyoe 🙂


You can wear kimonos @ Kusatsujuku Kaido Kouryukan
You can try kimonos @ Kusatsujuku Kaido Kouryukan

If you have a time to stop by Kusatsu, check the historical place and Ohmi beef.


*Yaji and Kita The Midnight Pilgrims” is  a 2005 Japanese comedy film directed by Kudo Kankuro who also directed movie ” Too young too die”. The story is based on Japanese classic story “Tokaidochu Hisakurige” .


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