My first visit to the Philippines

My husband is from Philippines but we met in US.
I hadn’t gone to Philippines and didn’t know anything about culture, history and foods.
I remember he said “that’s famous story” to me who I don’t know about Philippines when we were dating.
We are from same Asia but I felt sometimes Philippines is very different from Japan so as vise versa.

My first visit to Philippine was the first time to meet his whole family.

I had seen his father and step mother but I hadn’t seen his whole family.
We had a 2 week trip in Japan and asked him if we can visit Philippines too.
He said we don’t need to stop Philippines to save money so I looked for the cheapest way to go to the Philippines from Kansai Airport.
The cheapest way to go to the  Philippines was JetStar Airline, leaving Japan on Monday and coming back on Friday which was avoiding a weekend travel.
Leaving baggage at Kansai Airport was cheaper than paying for check-in baggage to Jetstar Airline so we left some stuff we didn’t need at Kansai Airport and paid for only one baggage.

At Airport kiosk in side of the custom, I saw they sell boxes of instant cup noodle.
I never had seen those boxes of instant cup noodle are sold.
I asked a cashier if it sold well and she said it’s good souvenir for Philippines. Hmm.. good to know that.

Nandito na ako Philippines!

After about 4 hour flight, I also saw people hand-carrying instant noodles at custom in Philippines too. I regretted I didn’t buy as souvenir.
We met his sister, brother and mom and drove us through Manila traffic.

View from Jetstar Airline - Akashi bridge
View from Jetstar Airline – Akashi bridge


Jetstar Japan home page 

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