Demon Kogure comments on Sumo in Japan

I don’t watch sumo much but he always tries to not miss it when Sumo news or digest show starts so he knows sumo wrestlers name, where they are from, little stories behind them.
He watches TV and PC to  look-up Wikipedia at same time.

We watch NHK world channel on TV everyday so my husband understands things in Japan without me. Sometimes, he knows more than I do.

One day, when my husband was watching Sumo digest, he sounded he was surprised.
I looked at TV and I saw what he was surprised about.

His name is Demon Kogure.

Demon Kogure on NHK sumo digest
Demon Kogure

He was a vocalist of rock band “Seikima II in hell (Japan), born in 98,038 BC so he is 100,054 year old now in 2017. His true (human) profile is still unveiled by him but he always has interest (funny) stories.


It was famous that he really likes Sumo but sumo stadium called Kokugikan didn’t allow him to enter with his look but now Sumo kyokai (organization) is welcoming him as a commentator and critic.

Official grand sumo apps
Official grand sumo apps

I found Sumo kyokai (organization) official app. It tells sumo news and you can follow your favorite sumo wrestlers and send you their result.

I checked Demon Kogure’s website but his name is actually Demon Kakka.
Demon Kakka’s website
Demon Kakka’s discography 

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