Public Free Wifi improvement in Osaka

The wife, I came back from Osaka!
I stayed there from Jan 9 to Jan 17 without my husband 🙁 because he had to work.

I stayed Airbnb for the first 4 nights in Osaka. It was my first experience.
(I will write about it late ! it was not good experience for me :/.)

I saw the Airbnb room came with a pocket wifi and I can take it with me when going out on Airbnb website so I decided to not rent a pocket wifi in prior and whenever if I need to, I thought I can go Rakuten website and ship to a local post office.

I felt a lot better wifi enviroment

As I expected the Osaka international airport has free wifi but once I got Nankai station
I could still find free wifi.  Once the train starts moving, the wifi connection was disconnected.
The same thing happened in the major city such as Namba or Umeda. I could find free wifi but once I walked, the wifi was disconnected so if you always want to search or browse the internet you better rent a wifi pocket.

I found an App which is called Kansai Free wifi (Official) when I connected the free wifi and downloaded. It made easy to connect a free wifi for me.
You don’t need to find a free wifi in the setting on your phone.
You just need to launch the app and click connect after you create your account.
The app look for a public free wifi for you and connect.

This app cover some Kansai and other areas : Shiga prefecture, Kyoto prefecture, Osaka prefecture, Hyogo prefecture, Nara prefecture, Wakayama prefecture, Tottori prefecture, Tokushima prefecutre, Kyoto city, Osaka city, Sakai city, Kobe city

I will use it next time I visit Osaka 🙂

Kansai Free wifi (Official)

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