Miyabian : All you can eat sukiyaki in Kyoto

          There’s so many eateries to choose from around famous Ponto cho. However we decided to venture a little bit further away from Kamogawa for more affordable options. Especially since we were craving sukiyaki .I guess Sunday nights have fewer crowds and we were seated quickly in this nice sukiyaki restaurant.

Sukiyaki dinner before going back to explore Kyoto

Needless to say it was pretty amazing . Decent all  you can eat Japanese Sukiyaki is almost non-existent where we come from in Southern California .After a few rounds I was stuffed with beef , mushrooms and green onions covered in raw eggs but managed to make some more space for some udon noodles .Not that expensive for an all you can eat sukiyaki experience near the heart of Kyoto. About fourty dollars for 2 and as always no gratuity to worry about. Definitely worth checking out. Place is called Miyabian located as shown on the google map thing below.

Beef dipped in raw egg happy face
One more round?

Next , more Ponto cho and Zaimokucho to explore before heading back to the hotel for some much needed sleep.

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