Evening stroll on Kiyamacho-dori

Shallow clear water

      An evening walk on Kiyamachi-dori to cap off your day in Kyoto is a must if it’s in your vicinity. It runs parallel to Kamo River between Sanjo and Shijo.If you’re visiting Ponto-cho or taking a stroll on the banks of the Kamo river then a detour here is a definite must. It’s only a block away from famed Ponto-cho so the street does get its fair share of tourists and diners.

      The dining options here are relatively cheaper compared to Ponto-cho just one block over. Besides, it can be hard for first timers  to get a table in some of the Ponto-cho establishments anyway so Kiyamachi offers more affordable and less intimidating alternatives.

      One can easily end up wandering up and down Kiyamachi trying to decide between the countless bars and restaurants offering a

One of the few restaurants lining the canal

wide variety of very diverse options. It doesn’t hurt that alongside the street is a beautiful canal with shallow running water, intermittent arched bridges and a canopy of trees. If you’re lucky enough to be here during cherry blossom season  then viewing the trees while  illuminated at night over the canal is a sight to behold.
      After dining in one of the fine establishments ,take your coffee to go and cross the street. Take a stroll  up and down Kiyamachi-dori .Burn a few of those calories you just ate or drank and take in one of many unforgettable Kyoto experiences you’l have during your stay.

Canopy of trees over the canal

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