Tsukiji fish market move is postponed!

They planned the relocation of the fish market on November 2016 originally.

When I was checking Yahoo Japan news last night,  I got shocked.

“Tsukiji fish market move is postponed.”

When we went to Tsukiji Fish Market in 2015, I thought it would be the last time to visit them in Tsukiji.

New Tokyo governor Koike wants to ensure safety and convenience at new place in Toyosu, Tokyo.
I heard some resellers who complained about the move are happy about the news. However most of  the resellers are not happy because they already invested money for the new place.

I was just happy because I thought I can go back to Uogashi Yokocho, Tsukiji “Jogai” Market and Tsukiji Fish Market but  I feel bad because they already spent a lot of money and time.

I hope she makes the right decision for them and we can eat fresh delicious tuna :).


Update : Tokyo governor, Yuriko Koike announced they are reconsidering the relocation of the fish market again in June 2017.
They still have to ensure the Toyosu safety issues and discuss with sellers so didn’t mention the timing.

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