Japanes wife’s way to reserve hotel/ryokan in Japan

When we planned to go to Japan, my husband never said where he wants to go and stay.
He is an easygoing person enough so he could enjoy anything or he was shy?
I think most important thing for him was food , same for me.




I booked all hotels and ryokans in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Yamagata and Shizuoka on Rakuten Travel website because :It’s hard to schedule how many nights and where to stay ahead of time for everyone.
I was concerned he may want to stay one place longer but I want to show him a lot of places so it was kind of a headache to decide whole schedule at once but a happy headache.

  1. They sometimes have special campaigns and also have a lot of information for sight seeing.
  2. They have a lot of reviews that refer so I always read reviews that’s very helpful.
  3. I can organize our schedule on  the Rakuten travel website.

I even booked transportation and wifi. haha.

I’m a good Rakuten customer 🙂 because I wrote reviews for all hotels and ryokans where we stayed.

One thing I found about Rakuten travel is…

The owner can remove reviews after certain period if they want.

I didn’t like one place so I wrote about why I didn’t like it and gave them 2 stars.
I saw some other similar reviews at the time but when I went back to Rakuten travel
my review and other bad reviews were completely removed.

So now I also refer to TripAdvisor’s honest reviews for hotels and ryokans.
This is one of my small tip.

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