Fushimi Inari Shrine : A walk under thousands of vermillion-colored torii gates

Torii Gates
Kyoto has thousands of shrines and one of the most famous among them is Fushimi Inari. What makes it stand out from other shrines in Kyoto is its famous torii gate covered pathways. There were countless gates beautifully painted in a pigment of red color called vermillion. Some were a little faded and others looked freshly painted. I was curious what was written on each one of them so I asked my wife. I was hoping for a much more interesting story behind the inscriptions but actually they were just the names of people who donated money towards the torii gate. 

The entrance to the shrine is marked by one big torii gate and beyond it you will see a lot of fox statues said to be messengers. It wasn’t too crowded for a weekend and having just eaten Tenkaippin Ramen and too much mochi I was looking forward to having a nice walk around the shrine. 

As I made my way around what turned out to be an uphill trail (well, the shrine is on a mountain) I thought to myself ,”Why can’t all hiking trails back home  be as beautiful and interesting as this?”. Not sure how long the loop we chose was, there were a few options, but time flew by.
Fox statues all over the shrine

There was always some interesting  stop along the path to check out so you’re never really going to get bored.A few mini shrines can be seen along the way and most had been adorned by offerings from the faithful visitors.
I’ve always wanted to visit Fushimi Inari Shrine to get an up close look at those iconic torii gates and I was definitely not disappointed. It ended up not being a long stay at the shrine since we wanted to check one final stop before checking in to our Kyoto hotel for the night. If I were to go back here I would make sure to bring hydration and allot more time so I can do the bigger loops around the shrine.Maybe even go all the way to the summit.

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