First night in ancient Kyoto

 Shogunzuka Observatory view
After leaving Fushimi Inari Shrine we made a quick stop at Shogunzuka Dainichi-do temple to walk to  the observatory near what is called the  Shogunzuka Mound. It was a cloudy day but we could still see the entire city of Kyoto and if you look hard enough , even some of Osaka. Afterwards we headed to our hotel for the next couple of nights.

Kyoto can get pricey the closer you are to all the action so we booked Kyoto Garden Hotel which is a few minutes walk away from the touristy area around Nishiki Market. It ended up only costing us about $65 per night and later on we realized this hotel was actually only a block away from the Imperial Palace.

It was a nice sized room for a Japanese budget hotel . More importantly it had its own bathroom.  I was really beat and was looking forward to just checking in to the hotel and calling it a night , maybe get some room service or taking a long nap. However my lovely wife has other plans for the rest of the night so we immediately started making our way back to the center of town . I couldn’t blame her though . There’s so much to see in Kyoto and we were only staying there for a measly 3 days. 

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