Osaka People Love Comedy and talk like Manzai.

People in Japan think Osaka local people like comedy and talk like Manzai comedian.
Manzai is stand-up comedy style by 2 people.
Usually they have a role as Boke and Tukkomi.
One acts dumb (Boke) and one corrects story (Tsukkomi) or the both act dumb (Boke) with a  punch line at the end of Manzai.

We grew up watching Manzain on TV from childhood so if friend acts boke, I correct “Nandeyanen!”.
“Nandeyanen” is like “No kidding!” in Osaka dialog.

My mom is not from Osaka so her way to tell a story was boring for me when I was a kid.
I remember I told her she should have a punch line in her episode.

When my husband and I stayed in Osaka, I felt several times that I’m in Osaka.
This is my home town!

When we were in a small restaurant, other drunk customer talked to me as “Boke” so I Tsukkomi.
When we were at a Takoyaki restaurant. A waitress acted “Boke” so I also boke as she did and we both laughed. Of course we haven’t met each other but Osaka people are very friendly.

Comedy show “Yoshimoto Sinkigeki”

I recommend going to the Namba Grand Kagetsu theater because they show Manzai and comedy show “Yoshimoto Sinkigeki”at same time very often.
You can also watch “Yoshimoto Sinkigeki” on TV every Saturday afternoon in Kansai area so it was regular event watching it when I was kids.

My life time favorite comedians Kanpei Hazama and Medaka Ikeda.
They always fight as a cat and monkey at end.

I hope you can enjoy friendly Osaka people in Osaka.

Namba Grand Kagetsu

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