Japanese Cherry Blossom! HANAMI season

Cherry blossom season is very big deal for Japanese.
After long winter ends and it gets warm. We look forward to going Hanami.

Hana = flowers,  mi = look

Japanese Cherry Blossom

Hanami is not just looking cherry blossom. Eating, drinking, doing karaoke or chatting under cherry blossom with family, friends, date or co-workers.

Japanese Cherry Blossom at Osaka mint

About May, Cherry blossoms start blooming from south area of Japan. (In Okinawa, it blooms from January. I believe it’s different kind from main island ones)

There are a lot of seasonal web pages that tell which area cherry blossom are blooming or you can see weather report on TV .
We call 10% blooming ichibuzaki, 50% blooming gobuzaki, full blooming Mankai or etc.
Japanese have a lot of words for hanami.

Japanese Cherry Blossom at Osaka mint

I have a lot of hanami memories.

Going to the famous places to see cherry blossoms with friends.
Preparing Bento boxes and go to nearest park with family and neighbors (Our neighbors were so close  relationship so we went to hanami every year)
Collecting money to buy food and drinks and go hanami with coworker after work.
Buying bento and drinks and go to park at night to see yozakura. (Hanami in night called Yozakura)

Please join hanami with bento box if you are in Japan, early spring!
You will become a part of Japanese culture.

Japanese Cherry Blossom at Osaka mint

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