Visited Tsukiji Fish Market from Ikejiri-Ohashi station by Train

I had one full day off before Tokyo gift show so I was planning to walk through Shibuya to Meiji shrine.

That’s why I reserved a hotel near Ikejiri-Ohashi station.
Ikejiri-Ohashi station is on the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line in Setagaya, next station of Shibuya but never busy as Shibuya, very small station.

There are restaurants, izakaya, bento store, convenience stores, banks, Sento (public bath), drug store, bakery etc.. there are variety of stores for the small station.

I see a lot of locals were going and coming to work in morning at the station.
I think it’s residence and also office area.

I was willing to buy bread at the bakery but they were closed that day!
I was hungry so I ended up buying onigiri and coffee at Family Mart and ate at my hotel room.
I realized all I ate so far is food from Family Mart that made me a little sad.

At the moment my husband in US texted me

” Go to Tsukiji Fish Market and get sashimi. It might be your last chance before they move. “

Thanks my husband!
I was going to Meiji Shrine but I’m going to Tsukiji!

I replied my husband like I was going to…


I downloaded Navitime again and left the hotel quickly.
( Please refer previous blog:  Useful APPs for the very complicated Tokyo rail way )

Tsukiji-Shijo station is 30 mins away from Ikejiri-Ohashi and only one connection.

But I forgot about how bad peak rush-hour is in Japanese trains.
Especially the train was heading toward Shibuya.
I didn’t need to stand myself and saved my energy because I could lean on someone.
Everybody leans each other because it was so packed!


I’m at Tsukiji Market.

Tsukiji-Shijo station, A1 exit


Tsukiji-Shijo station, A1 exit
Tsukiji-Shijo station, A1 exit


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