I Can’t Go Home without Eating Chu-Toro in Tsukiji Fish Market – Wife’s Solo Travel –

After walking around Uogashi Yokocho, I went into Tsukiji Fish Market area.

Tsukiji fish market entrance
Some people are already cleaning their area and chatting.
I was feeling some responsibility to find the store where we ate 500 Yen Cho-toroTuna place in April 2015.
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Since then, my husband and I always talked how the chu-toro tuna was good.

I paid attention to find the store but I don’t remember the store name.
Only thing I remember was their refrigerator angle but all stores look similar.

Tsukiji fish market Tuna

Tsukiji fish market OctpusOctopus


Tsukiji fish market TunaTuna

Tsukiji fish market Sujiko

Looking for 500 yen chu-toro

I walked back and forth same place.

I found similar place but they said they don’t sell 500Yen Chu-toro pack and their way to cut tuna was not same.

When I walked almost one hour and imagined telling my husband “I couldn’t find it”.
I decided to go one more around and give up.

Tsukiji fish market

The angle of refrigerator and their counter!

Tsukiji fish market Chu toro
500 Yen Chu-Toro Tuna!

I was looking for this.
Only 2 left. The guy at the store chose for me.

You can ask for chopsticks and soy sauce.

Tsukiji fish market Takafuku

Their name is Takafuku.
If you have a chance to visit Tsukiji Fish Market inside, we recommend to try it!

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