Here comes Tokyo again ! – Wife’s Solo Travel –

I came to Tokyo, JAPAN again !!!!!
without my husband (T_T).

Narita airport, Tokyo
Narita airport, Tokyo (Chiba)

I came to join the International Gift Show Autumn 2015 as a staff for some booth.
My stay this time was only 1 week.

Narita Airport was cloudy and humid.
I realized I came in rainy season.

As usual, I picked up wifi mobile at the post office in Narita Airport.
( Please check the previous blog : Where I get a wifi rental in Japan )

Went to hair salon in Narita

My hair was uncontrollable so first thing I did was get hair cut !
I was thinking I may go to Osaka which is my hometown so I reserved a hair salon near Narita Airport.
By the way Peach Air is CHEAP.
You can sometimes get a 5,000 yen ticket from Narita to Osaka!
But I decided not to go to Osaka and just stay in Tokyo this time.
The hair salon near Narita airport was great because my hair became like angel hair?
I hope I can visit them again.
I am interested in Narita area because the hair stylist told me that
there is Naritasan Shinshoji Temple which is one of largest temple near the salon.
There is some festival on the way to the temple and locals get excited once a year.
After hair salon, I headed to my hotel at Ikejiri Ohashi which is next station of Shibuya in Tokyo.
It was almost 10pm.
I was too tired to find restaurant so I stopped by Family Mart which is my husband’s favorite place.

I bought a soba, ate it at my hotel room and fell asleep… zzz
Family mart
Family mart

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