Shall we hang out in Osaka Minami (Namba) or Kita (Umeda area) ?

Osaka locals use “minami” and “kita” when they mention area for Osaka’s 2 major towns.

– Minami means south in Japanese which is around Namba ( I think it includes Shinsaibashi and America village )
– Kita means north in Japanese which is around Umeda/Osaka area.

” I drank with co-workers in minami yesterday”
” Should we meet in kita or minami ?” etc..

We don’t say specific area but we know where..

Minami area still has old izakaya, bar, restaurant, love hotels and shopping area.
I think more casual than kita.

Famous view from Hikkake-bashi (bridge) on Douton Bori River 
Famous view from Hikkake-bashi (bridge) on Douton Bori River


Kuidaore Ningyo
Kuidaore Ningyo

Kita area has new office buildings, department stores, station, underground shopping area.
Everything is new and elegant.

But once you walked far from Brand new Osaka station, you can see it will be like minami.
Kita still has old store, restaurant and izakaya.
I regret we didn’t go to one of my favorite ramen place Yosuko ramen. Next time!
Yosuko ramen is very simple ramen. Most of the popular Japanese ramen is thick soup but this ramen’s soup is transparent and thin chashus are on top.
It’s very simple and loved osaka local long time.

I remember there are gay clubs in kita.
My friend and I always went there for new year count down and ate Yosuko ramen. haha
I don’t know why.. but that’s our event.

Both are my favorite towns.

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