Hungry Deer Everywhere

Encountering the deer at Nara Park was one of the highlights of my trip to Japan. Although I have seen videos of these deer bowing and waiting on crosswalks , I had no idea they lived around Nara Park. 
The deer are considered in Shinto to be messengers of the gods and most of the tourists come to see them as much as they come to see the giant Buddha statue. 
They were all tame and most were shedding and had no antlers yet. They don’t seem to mind the thousands of tourists that have invaded their park and the “deer biscuit”  being fed to them keeps them busy. 
 I don’t know what’s in them but there’s stalls everywhere selling them for 150 Yen  for a pack of about 10 and tourists are not allowed to feed the deer anything else.
Whatever they are made off , these deer seem to love it and most would even bow for it. The  more aggressive ones would pull at your clothing to get your attention to feed them. They absolutely know if you’ve got a pack of these biscuits and it will only take a few seconds before you’re surrounded by them once you start feeding just one deer. It can get intimidating being surrounded by these animals no matter how tame they are but they are all so nice and so behaved .
I would want to go back to Nara Park again someday. Maybe in winter when the deer have more fur or maybe even some antlers. 
These deer would pose with you in a selfie if you gave it a biscuit.
The Cherry Blossom season was almost over but Nara Koen was still beautiful.

Nara Koen
The younger deer haven’t learned there’s biscuits over at the other side.

He thought I had biscuits.The antlers were actually soft still.

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