Nishinari, my student memories

As my husband’s article, we stayed in Nishinari, Osaka.
When I was a student (again, long time ago..), I hung out around Tennoji area with friends a lot.
It’s famous for mingled culture such as classic stores, restaurants, very cheap hotels, homeless, daily rated workers and runaway people but of course there are normal living people.
My friend and I even tested our courage by going to Nishinari in midnight.
But I heard Nishinari has been changing and a lot of tourist stays in Nishinari.
When I was looking for hotel in Osaka a month before our visit I couldn’t find any reasonable hotel except very luxurious (around 30,000Yen/night) or low price hotels.
My friend who works for a back packer hostel said, now there is not enough hotels in Osaka so her hostel is full occupancy everyday.
But there more choices in Nishinari, Osaka so I decided to stay there.
We had a dinner with my old co-workers in Umeda before going to the hotel.
I told my co-worker we were staying in Nishinari and he was surprised and told me I had asked everybody to go to dinner also in Nishinari when we worked together. Hahaha,  I guess I love Nishinari.
I was so excited to show my husband Nishinari, my student memories.
Tachinomi, Nishinari, Osaka Japan
Tachinomi at Nishinari, Osaka, Japan

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