Morning Walk, to Namba via Shinsekai and Nihonbashi

After we checked out of Sun plaza hotel II, we left our luggage at next hotel.

We needed to go Namba to get a train to Nara and it was 2 station away from Doubutsuen-mae station where the closest station from Sun Plaza hotel II.

I liked walking when I lived in Japan.
If the destination was 2 or 3 stations away, I had walked.
If it was more than that, I walked 2 or 3 stations and got on train.
My friends had told me I’m weird but I had energy that time 🙂
I walked a lot but I liked walking and finding something new!

So I had my husband walk a lot in Osaka.

We walked to Shinsekai to see a famous sight in Osaka.
Arcade with Tsutenkaku Tower.
If you check Osaka guide book, you will see it 🙂 and I love it and so does Osaka locals.

Original Tsutenkaku was built in 1912.
I heard they tried to design look like Eiffel Tower.

You will see a lot of Billiken statue every front of stores in Shinsekai.
Real Billiken statue is in Tsutenkaku Tower.
If you touch his feet, you will get lucky.


There is a comedy movie called “Billiken” in 1996.

Anyway, we walk through Shinsekai and stopped by Yoshinoya for breakfast as my husband blog 🙂

After that we walked Nihonbashi area.

Nihonbashi is famous for electric products.
When Apple store and chain electric stores was not in Japan, I came to buy apple computer here.
(There were chain electric stores but they didn’t sell apple product like they do now)

When I was student I also hung out Nihonbashi area because there were lots of unknown electric, used record, clothes, and Otaku-items stores.  It’s different from Nishinari but also mingle culture.

If you walk toward Namba Yoshimoto Grand Kagetsu theater from Nihonbashi, there is Kappa-Yokocho where they sell restaurant items such as menu board, takoyaki pans, signs…  It’s also very interesting to see.

We were still early so stores were closed but slowly walked to Kintetu Namba station.

My husband blog : Early morning stroll through Shinksekai and breakfast at Yoshinoya


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