Japanese Lady’s Toilet Manner ?

If you are a lady and you have gone to toilet in Japan, I think you have seen a button for sound effect of running water  mostly called  “Otohime”.

Because of being heard peeing or pooing is very embarrassing for Japanese ladies.
making sounds in toilet
making sounds in toilet
We flush toilet when we do pee or poo to hide the sound .But Japanese people hate to waste anything as I mentioned in my article about  Japanese “Mottainai” culture .So we made the Otohime. (If the toilet didn’t have Otohime, I just flush toilet.)
When I came to United States, I got a culture shock because people don’t mind the sound of pee, poo and fart.
We make sound when eating noodle but not in toilet..
Now I’m kind of used to it but I still wait for someone next door to leave if I have BIG one!  haha

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