“Japanese Kawaii” T-shirts My Ko-buta

I remember my husband wanted to buy some T-shirts he can’t buy US.
He also wanted to buy some rock m/  T-shirts he can’t buy US.

But He actually bought  “Japanese Kawaii” T-shirts ! 🙂

The red part say “Kyoto”
The bottom part say ” MAIKO”
The pig maiko is saying “my ko-buta♪”

Ko means BABY
Buta means PIG


😮 HA!

That’s why the maiko BUTA holding a baby and saying “MY KO-BUTA♪” !

It took me so long to find the t-shirts was making a pun.

Unfortunately my husband said this t-shirts is too tight but 
I’m looking forward to seeing he is wearing the Kawaii T-shirts 🙂

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