Discovering the Toilet Sink in Japan

Living in a state like California that is going through a severe drought makes me appreciate little ideas like the Toilet Sink even more . I’m hoping to see a lot more of this creation here.

Space is very limited in Japan so all living spaces are planned carefully including toilets. Add to this the Japanese people’s love for conserving natural resources and you get to see a toilet sink more frequently.  I mean I’ve never even seen one anywhere in the United States and had to go all the way to Japan to discover one.

It just makes sense. Why flush fresh water down the toilet when you can use it for something else first like washing your hands which you almost always have to do anyway after using the toilet and before flushing it , hopefully.

A simple Google search of the phrase “toilet sink” would show different varieties ranging from the high end expensive ones, to simple kits to convert your old toilet tank cover into a sink.

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