Cheap Hotel #1 : Hotel Sun Plaza 2 in Nishinari, Osaka

We stayed at “Hotel Sun Plaza 2” for the first night in Osaka.
2 means there is “Hotel Sun Plaza” also in Nishinari.
I picked it because 2 must be newer than original one and 🙂

There are several room types and the price depends on the room.
The cheapest type room is around 1,500 Yen! That’s cheaper than staying manga kissa?
(Manga kissa is cafe with manga comics. When people missed the last train a very common way is to stay to wait for the first train in morning. Some manga kissa has private rooms so people can rest.)

I was happy to reserve 3 jo twin room for 3 night staying at Hotel Sun Plaza2.
(jo is unit for tatami. 3 jo is the room size for 3 tatamis which is very small )

7,550 Yen for 3 nights for 2 people that made me worry.  Too cheap.. even if we didn’t like it, we have to stay 3 nights. I know I worried too much but I did… so I cancelled  2 nights and looked at other hotels in Nishinari.

In conclusion, Hotel Sun Plaza 2 was very comfortable.
As some people mentioned on hotel review, the small room makes you calm down.
Maybe you feel like you are in your mom’s womb?

The hotel provides top and bottom futons. Some rooms have beds but not ours. The bottom futon was narrow and thin so I folded my top futon and slept inside to double the bottom futon.  My husband didn’t mind. I think he can survive anywhere 🙂

You might want to bring a flip-flop because the shower room on first floor is so wet and after you get out of shower, easy to wear.

2,650 Yen for 3 jo twin room for one night for 2 people

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