Western Toilet with Sanitizer because Mottainai?

Japanese don’t like to sit on toilet directly as well.
Paper toilet seat cover

I saw some toilets have paper seat cover at Narita airport but I think most of toilets have sanitizer spray on wall in toilets in Japan.

Mostly sanitizer is on wall
Before you use toilet, spray sanitizer on toilet paper and wipe the seat.
You can spray on toilet paper
Maybe Japanese don’t like wasting so they use sanitizer instead of paper seat cover.

When I lived in Japan, my company tried to save paper : paperless action.

Do not print if you don’t need to print. 
Use recycled paper to print out.
Mottainai = wasteful
Mottainai is very common word for Japanese.
When I was a kid, there were TV commercial for kids.
If you left food,  Mottainai monster comes to you.
If you go to Japan and meet Japanese friends
please check their mottainai sprits
Wikipedia (Mottainai)

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