Tsukiji Fish Market

A trip to Tokyo won’t be complete without a stop at the world famous Tsukiji Fish Market  especially now that they are moving to a new location in 2016.

The tuna auction starts at 5AM and you have to register to get in the auction area so that was out of the question since there was no way we were going to wake up early a day after flying from California. 
For a fish market , it definitely doesn’t smell fishy at all because everything is so fresh. 
“Do not touch” signs can be seen everywhere to remind tourists like me not to contaminate the fresh seafood. 
Although it is a market, tourists like me that go there have to remember that we are not customers but only tourists slowing down an otherwise busy place of business. But for the most part most of the people there are friendly.Maybe it was the time we went(after 9AM). A lot were already cleaning their stalls and even had time to chat with my wife. One guy even gave us a couple of pieces of Toro.
Fugu(Puffer fish)

We ended up having an assortment of sushi for breakfast with a delicious miso soup with salmon.

Salmon fish eyes for breakfast
The thing that stood out for me was the fresh tuna we bought inside the wholesale market from some wholesaler’s left over cuts specially made for tourists passing by. It was only 500 Yen but probably the best tuna I’ve had .
I hope when we do go back to the new market someday I can still find this guy with this cheap and fresh tuna. 
Big and thick pieces of tuna for 500 Yen only !
I saw a layout of the new Tsukiji Market in the new site in nearby Toyosu. The guy at the tourism building said the new site will have a designated area mainly for tourists . It looked massive and it looked like it is being made to be more tourist-friendly. I’m not sure if that is a good thing though. 

Tsukiji Tourist Rules in different languages.

Our Video at Tsukiji Fish Market

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