Tsukiji Fish Market, Uogashi Yokocho, Sushi restaurant and more!

Tsukiji market is famous for a fish market but they also have vegetable market and Uogashi Yokocho.
Uogashi Yokocho has restaurants and shops which are more aimed for visitors now.
 (official website says they have about 140 stores!)

Below my hand drawing map is Tsukiji market.
The yellow area is Uokaji Yokocho 🙂
My husband and I got off the subway at Tsukiji shijo station and entered from the main gate as everybody does.

The yellow area is Uokaji Yokocho 

I saw a lot of people were getting in line for restaurants at beginning but I recommend go inside, far from the main gate if you don’t have a specific restaurant you would like to visit.  More choice, more relax

Alley between building 8 and 9, very busy
I barely filmed Uogashi Yokocho building 1 area ( No.1 in yellow area in above map).
There was no line for restaurants 🙂
In this video, my husband is hidden. Please find him.  😊

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