Tokyo Station, the Shinkansen and Ekibens.

After a couple of days in Tokyo  it was time to board the Shinkansen bullet train to Osaka. While still at Asakusa my wife went into a small store  that to me looked more like a money changer.Turned out it was a Kinken Shop . She explained to me later and as she wrote on her blog post Kinken Shop or Japan Rail Pass ,she found a deal to get us both cheaper Shinkansen tickets to Osaka.

I was really looking forward to experiencing my first bullet train and got even more excited when my wife picked up lunch from an Ekiben shop. Ekibens are bento lunch boxes sold in train stations and Tokyo Station had so many Ekiben shops  to choose from . What made it even better was it was free. Well , not really free but because the Kinken Shop saved us both 1,000 Yen for the train tickets we used that savings to get us basically free lunch.

I was still full from my breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market but I already got excited getting on my first bullet train and having lunch while watching the scenery go by at 300km/hour.

Tokyo Station was so busy . It’s one of Japan’s busiest and has terminals for Japan Railway and Tokyo Metro. The station was filled with a mix of tourists and local people trying not to run into each other while trying to board their trains. The tourists are a little bit slower though than the locals who seem to know the layout of the station like the back of their hand.Most tourists are trying to figure out where their terminals are . Some are stuck in the information offices or hopelessly trying not to buy the wrong ticket for the wrong train. It was times like these that I was so grateful my wife spoke Japanese.

The apps she had on her phone also helped like she mentioned in her article : Useful APPS for the very complicated Tokyo Railway.

Anyway, it was time to board  the Shin-Osaka as pictured on the left below and go to Osaka !

Our bullet train Shin-Osaka on left

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