PASMO and SUICA Card for Train Pass

When me and my husband took the train for the first time, I forgot to show him how to put ticket into a machine and that he needs to keep the small ticket to walk out.
He was behind me outside and inside of station.. . oops..

We bought my husband’s PASMO IC train pass at vending machine at Asakusa station.
( I always call him Roeluuuu so I submitted his name ROELUU ♥)

SUICA is also IC train pass issued by East Japan Railway Company: JR Tokai
(JR Tokai was public railway but it became private in 1987)
PASMO is issued by other private railways in Tokyo area.

Both train passes work almost same.

After you charge money, you can pay for train fare, bus fare, shops, bike parking space, coin locker, vending machines if you see PASMO mark.
I think the best benefit is using for complicated rail way like Tokyo.

You can use other prefectures which have  IC card system like PASMO and SUICA.
(On Sapporo, Sendai, Kanto, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku, Kyushu…I could use my PASMO at my home town, Osaka!)

  • Initial fee (deposit) for PASMO and SUICA : 500yen
    It includes when you buy it. when you release the IC card.
  • When you return IC card:
    SUICA: they charge 220 yen from your balance.
    If your balance was less than 220yen, they return only deposit.
    PASMO : they don’t charge for returning card.
  • When you lose the IC card with your name on it, they can re-issue the IC card with charge and showing your ID.
    If your IC card didn’t have name, you can add it later at ticket vending machine 🙂

Above information is basic info and may get old. Please check for more info on their English website.

SUICA website page
Suica mobile looks very useful too!

PASMO website page

Enjoy your travel!


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