Kinken Shop or Japan Rail Pass (JR PASS) ?

After 2 days in Tokyo, we were going to Osaka which is my sweet home town.
We picked up our luggage at the ryokan in Asakusa and stopped by a Kinken shop near Asakusa station.

  • Kinken shop sells a variety of gift cards, stamps, concert tickets, sports tickets, train tickets and so on.. at a cheaper price.
  • Usually those items are sold by somebody to Kinken shop or Kinken shop buys a book of tickets and sells each one separately to make price cheaper.
  • Most of Kinken shops are around any station. They have a lot of card on window to show what they have. They even have vending machines for ticket ( I wish I have a photo to show you 🙁 )
We bought 2 bullet (Shinkansen) tickets to Osaka. We could save money for 2 lunch boxes in train.
Easy to save your money so a lot of Japanese use very commonly.

BUT there is another choice for visitor which is Japan Rail Pass (JR Pass).

For 7 days : $230 USD
For 14 days : $368 USD
For 21 days : $471 USD
*Only visitors are eligible

All you can ride for JR train, Buses and Ferry. 
(some exclusion are available, please check their website.)
Unfortunately I am not eligible because I’m Japanese and we are going to Philippines (!) after Osaka so I assumed we don’t use much so we went to Kinken shop 🙂 
I think this is great deal if you are planning hopping around in Japan.

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