Asakusa, Senso-ji opens 6 am in morning.

Looking out from the steps of entrance to tempe
Senso-ji Temle early morning
We stayed a ryokan near Senso-ji so my husband woke up by the chiming temple bell at 6am in morning (not me! I was still zzz… )
Senso-ji tempe
I finally woke up, we packed our luggage and left them at reception in ryokan.
( Most of hotels, they keep luggage for you. if you’re not sure, ask them :))
I wanted to walk Senso-ji because I like temple in morning that makes me feel very refreshed.
Some local people come and pray or just say hi.
Our Omikujis are middle luck so we hang there.
(I take home only it was excellent luck.)
It was still a rainy but beautiful morning.
Senso-ji  6:00am – 5:00pm ( October to March, opens till 6:30pm)

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