Where I get a wifi rental in Japan

For Tokyo Olympic 2020, Tokyo is trying to improve free wifi environment for visitor from overseas but I feel it’s not enough yet.
(Even at Starbucks, you can’t get free wifi unless you have contract with a Japanese phone company. *Update : Now they have Free Wifi where “Free Wifi” sticker is posted. More detail)

You have choices to get rental mobile wifi, phone, SIM card or ……pigeons.

I always take my PC or ipad with me so I rent a mobile wifi.
Where I got a wifi rental is Narita Airport for this time.

Many rental mobile companies are located in Narita Airport but It is a little pricey for me so I usually go online (Rakuten*) and send where I can pick it up conveniently.

*Rakuten is one of the biggest online shopping site, like Amazon.
They launched the shopping site in several languages, not big as Japanese one but still you can go shopping.

This time, we arrived 3 pm and the post office in Narita Airport was still open so I made shipping address to Narita Airport post office.
(When I get Airport late, I set shipping address to hotel where I stay.)

Please have the shipping tracking code ready at post office counter that makes you and the post office people easy 🙂

Grabbing our mobile wifi is the first thing we did in Japan 🙂

How we returned the rental mobile wifi

The rental wifi came with a flat rate envelope called “Letter-pack” this time so I just simply needed to drop the mobile wifi with envelope in a mail box at airport when I left Japan.

It depends on where you rent from, some company doesn’t provide the envelope and you need to prepare it so please check rental company before you rental.

Flat rate envelope “Letter Pack Light & Letter Pack”

There are 2 kind of envelopes, letter pack & letter pack light.
You can get them post office or some convenience stores which cooperating with Japanese post office.




Letter Pack Light (Blue) 360 yen :
Weight : up to 4 Kg, thickness: up to 3cm , Tracking number, No signature required (deliver to post).

Letter Pack (Red) 510 yen:
Weight : up to 4 Kg,  No thickness limitation, Tracking number, Signature required (deliver in person).

Letter pack light has 3 cm (1.1 inch)  limitation so letter pack is safer to send a mobile wifi.
After you put all items you rent from mobile wifi company to the envelope, you can put in post box at airport.


One time I was leaving my mobile wifi to post box at airport, The post was full of letter packs lol.
I had to ask a convenience store to receive it because they has also a small post box.

Go to Rakuten, Mobile Wifi Rental Page

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