We finally arrived at Narita Airport, Tokyo!

Roel and I finally got to Narita Airport.
I went back to Japan by myself very often recently to work but not with my husband!

I was soooo excited to show him Japan and I was planning a lot of things.

Tokyo International Airport customs station
Coming out of customs checks
He came out from the customs safe. lol

Reason why I chose Narita Airport was that I was planning to go straight to Osaka.
There is a cheep airplane company (Peach) that flies from Narita to Kansai Airport, Osaka.


I changed my mind because we arrived 3pm at Narita Airport.
I wanted to show him Japan on the first day instead of spending all day transporting and we decided to go to Philippines where his family live so we needed to adjust schedule.
2 weeks and 3 days, Our schedule was so tight!

Narita Airport is pretty far from Tokyo.
If you hang around Tokyo city, Haneda Airport is much much easy to access 🙂


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