Rainy Nakamise Street in Asakusa , Tokyo

Wet Nakamise Market

The rain has driven away most of the tourists from the normally crowded Nakamise shopping street in Asakusa .The Ryokan owner lent me his umbrella so we went out to check some of  the stores and find something to eat.

It was too dark to get a good shot under the famous giant red lantern in front on the market so we just wandered around checking out stores that are still open.

People shopping in Nakamise Market Asakusa , Tokyo on a rainy night
Rainy night in Nakamise Market , Asakusa , Tokyo


People walking home through Nakamise Market
Nakamise Market after closing hours


Asakusa dining options

We were walking around and the smell of grilled yakitori caught our attention. An old lady was grilling some outside her tiny restaurant so we decided to try some  along with oden. We weren’t planning on staying long but the cigarette smoke from other customers made us leave sooner. A few minutes felt like hours when your hungry trying to find a decent dinner. There’s so many options and me and wife could not agree on what to have. She was thinking of grilled eel but we decided against it after realizing we needed to pace ourselves . It was only our first day here anyways.

We  decided on dinner at  Ippudo.  Their black pepper sauce was great.The broth was just what I needed on that cold and rainy night. Maybe next time we can try a less touristy place . Hopefully some hole-in-the-wall spot only locals know about. Asakusa is so touristy though it could not be helped and the ramen was not that bad.

Bowl of hot ramen on a rainy Asakusa night
Ippudo Ramen and side of egg over rice
tourist taking a photo under Asakusa's giant red lantern
Tourist under the Asakusa’s giant red lantern

Google maps has not update Ippudo’s location  yet.


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