Lunch in Kusatsu city in Shiga pref. 551 Horai Butaman

I  had to go to Kusatsu city in Shiga prefecture to see a dermatologist.
I couldn’t get an appointment with her even after I told anytime was okay to her staff but
luckily I had a chance by somebody’s cancellation on the second day in Japan.
She has a machine for syringoma treatment and I wanted to try when I was in Japan.
(and brown spot laser 😛 Women are greedy. haha)

Kusatsu city is 1 hour from Osaka station by train.
They are famous for the biggest lake in Japan, Biwa lake and their original wagyu brand “Ohmigyu”.
My appointment was 12pm, I was ready for Ohmigyu after the treatment.

The clinic was packed with ladies even their system was very efficient but when I left the clinic it was already 1:30pm.
Most of Japanese restaurants have a closed time between lunch and dinner time.
I was told “we’re closed” at the Ohmigyu reataurant.

The restaurant name is “Jun Ohmigyu Yasudaryo Kusatsu main branch”.
Jun means pure.
I’m sure I will try the pure “Ohmigyu” next time! I tore myself away.

I walked to Kusatsu station and see what I can eat for lunch.
I found a 551 Horai eat in counter.
551 Horai is a Chinese fast food restaurant and their famous for Butaman (pork steamed bun) in Kansai area.

You will see their kiosk at major stations or airports.
People buy butaman as a souvenir for local or other area.
Their TV commercial is also loved by local people. It never changes.

I sat in a narrow counter seat and ordered seafood fried noodle and a butaman.
I ordered “niku (niku) man” but the lady in the counter repeated my order “buta (pork) man”
that reminded me Kansai people call it that way.

551 Horai - Butaman 170 yen
551 Horai – Butaman 170 yen
Kaisen age soba (seafood fried soba) 810 yen
Kaisen age soba (seafood fried soba) 810 yen

I left with a happy full feeling to begin a quest at Kusatu city.


551 Horai – Kusatsu kintetsu branch


The pure “Ohmigyu(wagyu)” restaueant
Jun Ohmigyu Yasudaryo Kusatsu main branch

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