How to Get Wifi -Softbank Free WiFi Service-

Once I got in Japan, I got text messages from T-mobile.

“Free T-Mobile Msg: Welcome to Japan. CAUTION: Text $0.50 each and Talk $2.69/min. For info call us for free +1 505-998-3793″

“Free T-Mobile Msg:  CAUTION:  Charges are up to $15/MB +tax for web/email/apps while roaming.  To disable data please dial #763#”

Those messages told me that I  can still use my phone if I need. I was glad I have added extra $10 to my T-mobile account before leaving this trip.
I also  noticed my phone’s provider was changed T-mobile to Softbank (Japanese mobile phone provider) as my screen capture below. I was not sure why.. I know Softbank bought Sprint though.

I saw a lot of Softbank free wifi available stickers in city so I tried to connect and I could use it :). They look like they provide free wifi to any visitors from outside Japan.
It will ask you your email address and phone number and you can use their Wifi service for 2 weeks:).

This is Softbank free wifi available sticker look like

Their free wifi service is provided at cafes, restaurants, train stations, airports, highway service areas, shops, banks … etc.  I used it when I couldn’t used Kansai free wifi 🙂


Softbank wifi service partners locator

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